Who are we?

What is Simply Youth Institute?

We provide direct educational services to young women in vulnerable spaces to promote wellness and peace. The educational services are key to empowering young women to gain access to tools to overcome generational poverty, and be contributing members to their respected communities.

We make it a mission to support every young woman to be well equipped to navigate her adulthood, pursue higher education, and re-invest in her community, all with a peaceful foundation.

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Our team

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  • "This was such a beautiful workshop. I loved it so much and I need all the new information today! Thank You guys for the markers also and taking the time out of your day to continue to make sure we’re all headed to Greatness! I already have a friend wanting to join! and yess a group chat would be awesome."
  • "Thanks for having me. It was super helpful and felt like a safe/ non-intimidating atmosphere 🙂 Also, I completely forgot i need to get a real ID so thanks for the reminder!!"
  • “I believe that self-discipline is the definition of self-love.” -Will Smith. "This program has taught me how important managing your finances are. I learned how to be more cautious and aware of my fiances. It's important to know about interest, fees, and APR. Now, I'm more aware of my finances, and I have started budgeting." - Tenaya Unce
    Tenaya Unce
    Tenaya Unce